White Light Parade shoot

White Light Parade

Almost a year since the last shoot I did with White Light Parade. Turns out they're getting into the studio again, and needed some shots doing. Happy days.

In the two years I've been photographing these guys the band has seen quite a few changes, both in music style and band members. The band started as an edgy, brit-rock four piece, supporting the likes of The Enemy, The Subways and Kasabian. When I met them, they had acquired a fifth member and moved to a more punk-rock sound, touring with both Fightstar and blast-from-the-past InMe. By the time of the last shoot I did a year ago, they'd lost one founding member and gained two more new faces. Safe to say that it'd been a changeable couple of years!

The guys have now settled again as a four piece, with Mark in place as the new drummer. The sound has reverted back to their original, not-too-heavy brit-rock style, and it seems to be paying dividends - new single 'Want You To Know' has received a significant amount of airplay on the Sky Sports network and on Sky 1's Soccer Saturday. Hopefully there'll be an album not far around the corner too - wait and see!

For the shoot we arranged to meet in the historic town of Saltaire - the same location I used for my shoot with the guys from Geek a few weeks back, although this is purely coincidental. Although we were pushed for time, and limited for locations (on account of the town being packed with tourists) I wanted to come away with two different styles in two locations. We started off on one of Saltaire's traditional cobbled streets near the station. For this shoot I relied on natural light - mainly because my lighting brollies kept blowing over! I used one off camera flash gun for fill, and got a handful of shots that looked quite natural: