The National @ O2 Apollo, Manchester

The NationalManchester Apollo, Nov 2013

Whilst I do love The National, I was mighty apprehensive about photographing them. I had the fortune of shooting them in daylight at Leeds Festival a few years ago, and at the time i remember thinking that their tours must be tough. The style of music isn't the most upbeat, and you'd expect such a deep, ambient, sometimes moody sound to be complimented in lighting. In other words, I was expecting darkness and not much movement. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised.

Whilst the band weren't exactly jumping around, the substantial lighting rig did a lot to enhance to atmosphere, giving my shots some variety. And there was quite a bit of key light, too. In all honesty, I applied to shoot the gig as i'm a fan of the band, but the fact I managed to walk away with a decent set of frames was a nice big bonus!